How can you help?



Turn Back Time “Farm Service Day” is April 8th from 9:00 a.m to 12:00 pm.  We need people of all abilities and capabilities to help us get ready for the growing season and for summer camp! 

We are looking for volunteers, experts, donors to join our nature minded community.  There are several areas for which we have a continual need:

    • Do you like to work with tools or have experience in constructing buildings? We are looking for people to put in a day of work building sheds, greenhouses and other facilities. Get to know us by working with us?
    • As a growing farm-based program, we need resources for building materials like lumber and wood. Materials to build greenhouses, sheds and other shelter-type buildings are also welcome.
    • For our day to day farm operations, gardening supplies and tools are very helpful.
    • Our Preschool Program accepts donations of craft supplies, propane for heat and handwarmers to keep those little fingers and toes warm.
    • Cash donations are welcome and highly appreciated.


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