“Turn Back Time” is a child centered program.  We allow children to direct their own learning within the following context and environments.

  • “Time in the Garden” which will be a cooperative age appropriate effort in raising vegetables and fruits.
  • “Cook What You Grow” is a great way to connect kids to the “Time in the Garden” activities and also to help children make the connection that what they put in their mouths has a huge impact on their physical and emotional health.
  • “Is This Work or Play” is designed to help children understand that we can “work” and get  things done and still have fun, it helps children make the connection that the career they choose can and should be something they love to do and are passionate about.
  • “Animal Care” is just as it sounds and is proving to be our most popular class, there is something amazing and special that goes on between children and animals.
  • Forest Time is a wonderful opportunity for children connect with the natural environment.  This time is rich with scientific exploration and learning.
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