Today was the last day of what has now been titled “farm school”. It was an emotional day for me….our first year of “ALL” outdoors preschool classes. In some of the pictures on Facebook you’ll see three beautiful faces referred to as “the pioneers”. I call them pioneers because those three children and their families were brave enough to try something unfamiliar, a new kind of learning where kids play outside even in the snow and rain. I will never have another “first year” and I am so grateful to those three families. In earlier blogs I talk about relationships I have made because of this adventure, these are the jewels ! Their trust and enthusiasm throughout the year meant so much to me. They have brought most of the new business we have for the summer. They even believe in me enough as a farmer to buy our pork and eggs lol. Mid year we gained some new faces and that made all of us very happy but the memories I have with the three of them I will treasure forever. I’m excited about our future…summer camp, new preschoolers in the fall and continuing our boys and girls school age adventure classes, but I’m not gonna lie I cried today at pick up time…….


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